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Great events don’t just happen, they need organising. We’re not just talking about logistics – but planning the messages you want to send, the ideal location and of course, the look and feel. Also don’t forget about the planet! That’s one thing you can’t leave to chance and sustainability is always on the top of our to-do list.

Don’t forget to plan

Why getting ahead helps

Reducing stress, giving you time to think and being able to change your mind are some of the practical benefits of planning ahead but a really crucial reason is that it can save you money. Avoiding rush charges, extra shipping or being forced to choose last minute expensive options means that you are more likely to get everything you want within your budget.

Recently at Money 20/20, thanks to our client being super-organised and ready with the brief, we were able to push the creative boundaries of the brief to bring their vision to life. The three bar areas and two sponsored lounges were created and delivered on time, on budget and to high creative standards, a definite win/win on all sides.

To discover more about what we did at Money 20/20 read our case study

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Don’t forget plants

A clever way to dress an event

We have been using more and more plants at our events, to bring both aesthetic and environmental benefits to events and this is why…

Creating a wow factor and a focal point

A well placed collection of plants can help frame and define an area, add personality, character and most importantly enhance a brand’s personality – but choosing the correct plants is definitely key.

They are sustainable

Good bye flowers, hello plants. Gone are the days of throwing away tons of flowers at the end of an event, a more eco-friendly and affordable way of dressing a stand, stage or set is with hired plants, preferably from a local supplier. Less waste, less cost and more impact.

Easier to maintain

Let’s be real, no one has time to care for and water plants at an event. Luckily some of the suppliers will do this for you if needed, but if you choose the right low maintenance plants, they will still thrive and look amazing even in a very busy, warm exhibition centre. Not a horticulturalist? Don’t worry, we’re on hand to advise.

Want to chat about how plants can enhance your next event? Contact Matt…

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Don’t forget the planet

Housing 2023, a sustainable event

Housing is a regular event in our diary and the client always puts sustainability on the agenda, but this year it went to the next level. We designed stage sets and lounges that are set to be repurposed across two events over the next two years in both Manchester and London. This was all achieved by using sustainable materials to match and deliver the brief.

See how we approached the sustainable elements…

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Don’t forget to play

Awards and gala dinner

You might not want to hear it, but on 16th September it is only 100 days until Christmas. The lead-up is a popular time for awards and gala dinners, something we like to think we are rather good at. One of the most important aspects with these types of events is organisational skills, as they need to be set up quickly and dismantled efficiently, but we have that all in hand so you can just enjoy your evening with that glass of bubbly (or two!).

At Retail Week Live this year, we had to manage the quick transformation from event to awards and after party. Logos and lighting were changed, as was the stage with an extension and a high-gloss black, party ready finish. The A/V team worked their magic with twin LED screens, PA system and full flown lighting. From business to pleasure in a matter of moments.

Take a quick look at some of our awards and gala dinners…

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Don’t forget brand placement

How we put you front of mind

At Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity we were tasked to deliver six different activations, each needing their own brand centre stage. We didn’t just take the obvious routes to brand their cabanas with logos and colours, we went one step further designing bespoke build elements, alongside the subtle and clever usage of furniture and plants.

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Case Study

Don’t forget the place

Why the venue is important

The venue is the home of your event, so it’s by far one of the most important elements to get right and should be at the top of your tick list. It completely shapes your entire event, so here are a few pointers to consider when choosing the right venue.


The size and scale of your event is key. Go too big, you could lose money, go too small, it doesn’t make an impact. It really is finding that sweet spot.


Geographically and its ease of access. However beautiful the venue, if no one can get to it, then you should think again.


Is the venue capable of holding your event, technically and creatively? Let the venue know what equipment you are going to need and what style of event it is going to be or if you are working with us, we probably know the answer and would do the leg work for you.

An obvious one, but if you can’t afford it… move on.

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