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Here at Showcase we are trying to improve our carbon footprint by looking at new ways we can become more sustainable. One of the ways we are tackling this, is by appointing a Sustainability Champion, whose role it is to promote sustainability throughout the company.

We are pleased to announce that Natalie Twiner, Operations Support, is taking on this role. We sat down with her to discuss her own views on environmental issues and being our Sustainability Champion.

What do you do in your home life to be more sustainable?

Three years ago, I took on a rented allotment plot and started growing my own fruit and veg. I loved the fact my children gained knowledge about where their food comes from and it really made me realise just how much food packaging we waste just on fruit and veg alone. I was keen to grow as much as I could, so took on a second plot, built a chicken coop and rescued six chickens. It’s important to me to teach my five children that by becoming more self-sufficient we can reduce our carbon footprint and preserve nature.

Why did decide to be the champion?

I am passionate about working together as a team to reduce our carbon footprint, and motivating others to make lifestyle changes to become more sustainable. If we all collaborate to make small changes it will make a big difference to the future.

What’s drives you to be sustainable?

Creating a cleaner environment for my children and generations to come.