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Our commitment to driving sustainable events

Creating outstanding events that respect not just our clients but the planet as well.

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At Showcase we understand the importance and urgency of tackling the climate crisis, that’s why we have made a commitment to reduce our environmental impact.

We have forged key partnerships with organisations and companies who share our passion for the environment. These include KB Event, who we have teamed up with for our #DrivingSustainabilityTogether campaign, to promote palm oil free HVO fuel.

We believe that by continuously improving and reviewing our polices we can make a difference, to this effect we have created our own Sustainability Charter and appointed our Sustainability Champion.

As part of it’s commitment to sustainability Showcase have appointed a dedicated Sustainability Champion, meet Natalie Twiner

Sustainability Charter

Our Mission and Values


We don’t just do events we create them, and we want to inspire all those involved in our events to create an environmentally friendly way of working.

Respect for nature and others, creating awareness, sharing responsibility and integrity, including best practice.

Respect for nature and others, creating awareness, sharing responsibility and integrity, including best practice.



We are committed to working closely with our supply chain, reviewing their environmental policies and accreditations as part of our supplier management process. Working to ensure that wherever possible the products we source are environmentally friendly.

The team is passionate about doing their part and are going to continue purchasing eco-friendly cleaning products along with ensuring office meeting catering is supplied in recyclable or re-usable packaging.

Employee Engagement


Showcase thrives on our employee’s involvement, and we are immensely proud to have a Sustainability Charter, encouraging all our staff to put their ideas forward to create a more environmentally friendly workspace. We intend to further raise awareness of employees own individual impact by organising internal awareness events motivating everyone to reduce their carbon footprint when working from the office, on projects and at home

Equipment and Products


Since 2014 Showcase as a business has been investing in the latest event technology and furniture products. Where their stock is purchased, it is re-used with a product life cycle of minimum 3 years for AV and minimum 2 years for furniture. End of life for these products are managed by offering to local schools and charities and if not acquired in this way, then will be recycled following local authority guidelines.



Entrenching the values of the waste hierarchy (avoid, reduce, reuse, and recycle) within our offices, warehouse and events. Our ambition is to condense the amount of waste going to landfills and reduce the amount of non-recycled waste we generate both on-site and at our office. Encouraging all employees to bring lunch from home in washable containers to avoid the amount of plastic coming into the office.



As we drive towards further reducing the amount we print we will seek to purchase recycled and recyclable paper products and encourage all our employees to reuse and recycle paper where possible.



In 2023, Showcase pledged that all HGV transport arranged directly by Showcase will run on HVO fuel. This has been met and resulted in a massive 91% reduction in CO2 emissions. Showcase will continue to monitor, record, and offset the carbon impact as a result of travel associated with projects and the running of the business.

We will reduce the amount of energy we use in our office by switching all light bulbs to LED, putting computers in sleep mode when stepping away from your desk, making sure all equipment is turned off at the end of the day. Our electrical supply to our premises uses renewable green energy from the business service provider.

Travel and Transport


We continue to monitor travel to our offices and projects and where possible we look to condense by travel with encouraging the use of travel alternatives such as e-mail, phone, and video calls. Promote the use of ‘green’ vehicles within the company. All employee company vehicles ordered since September 2022 have been Electric/Hybrid.



The Showcase team love to get involved and work with the community on sustainable projects to improve the environment and encourage wildlife. This allows the sharing of ideas, skills, and experiences to deliver a common goal that can benefit everyone. In addition, it promotes teamwork and brings together individuals from different backgrounds.

In October 2023 the Showcase team took to a very windy and rainy Southend beach to complete a community beach clean and litter survey. Not only did this help in the fight against marine litter, but also contributed to vital data of what items are being dumped on our beaches and end up in the sea. The team learnt a great deal from the experience including about how long items take to decompose, and how bad our beaches are polluted with litter once you really take a look.



We will update this policy annually. Quarterly meetings will be held with employees, encouraging everyone to bring their ideas and views on how we can change to improve our objectives and charter set. To ensure we continue to make improvements we have develop a strategy for reviewing our progress.



While it is the responsibility of the Managing Director to implement these policies and procedures. It will be the responsibility of all our employees, event owners, delegates and participants on events not just our organisation to bring these procedures into effect.

“as one we will reduce our impact on the planet along with making the company and events industry more sustainable”.

2024 pledge


  • Review long distance travel for remote workers based on cost x carbon footprint × productivity.
  • Reduce the purchase of plastic water bottles and manage their recycling.
  • Monitor and record the amount of waste graphics from projects vs what can be re-used.
  • Reduce the amount of plastic packaging purchased and use paper/recycling products where possible.

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Our Partnerships

Showcase’s drive towards sustainable events has led it to become partners with two leading sustainability organisations, CleanHub and ecolibrium. CleanHub’s mission is to “empower brands to minimise their plastic footprint, while ecolibrium is a live events industry response to the climate crisis by taking action to reduce travel impacts and invest in climate solutions.


Showcase first worked with CleanHub at World Retail Congress in April and was impressed with how it is building a global platform for waste collection, as wells as a movement empowering brands and consumers to help collect plastic before it reaches the ocean. The fact that CleanHub also helps provide jobs in areas around the world, where unemployment is high, is very attractive to Showcase.

CleanHub has provided Showcase with a personalised tracker enabling the company to monitor its impact. In 2022 we collected 1,320 kg, our 1,320 kg target amount of ocean bound plastic. Showcase has also been partnered with ecoBali, a Waste Collection & Recycling project in Kuta Utara, Indonesia. ecoBali was founded in 2006 on the idea of ‘getting responsible with waste’ due to the lack of waste management available in Bali. The “make – take – dispose” linear behaviour is sadly still happening a lot on the island. ecoBali seeks to implement a more circular way to approach waste.

This project had specific appeal to Showcase as its founder Ben Collings has close family connections with this part of the world.


Recycling what we can from an event is important to Showcase so when we were introduced to the lovely team at Calluna, who are passionate about making a difference, it was a partnership meant to be. Calluna uses our customers unwanted event graphics and works their magic to produce reusable covers for our furniture among lots of other really cool products. By increasing the amount of reusable covers means less plastic packaging is needed and increases the lifespan of our products. Find out more about our partnership with Calluna


Showcase has been a partner with ecolibrium since early 2022 and applauds its mission to promote sustainable development by the promotion of sustainable means of achieving economic growth and regeneration.Showcase has been tracking its travel throughout the entire event cycle, including site visits & meetings, the event itself as well as the impact of subcontractors, whilst monitoring all forms of transport: planes, trains and automobiles. Ecolbrium’s impact on the event industry has been important as these figures prove:

  • 6,293,720 travel miles balanced
  • 1,324 tonnes of carbon dioxide mitigated
  • 15 climate projects supported
  • 1,030 acres of rainforest protected
  • 5,000 trees planted
  • 19.3 million total travel miles balanced to date

our event services

3D Visualisation


We realise your meeting or event set up with 3D renders, so that event planners and conference organisers can visualise all aspects of the event venue and set up before build.



Our design team is made up of creative, architectural trained designers who are responsible for creating all aspects of event design. As well as offering full event design services, our skills include 3D rendering, CAD space planning and large format graphic printing.

Set & Stage


From large scale indoor exhibitions to outdoor festivals and events our set & stage designers will ensure your brand and event has impact. Set design and production is tailored to the client’s.

Exhibition Stands


Our exhibition department offers exhibition stand design and production of a range of exhibition solutions. From off-the-shelf to bespoke exhibition stands created by one of our exhibition designers. Our conference exhibition event services include set-up and stand clearing.

Large Format Printing


Branding is the most important part of any commercial event. We offer quality design and production of exhibition graphics that can be used as an exhibition or stage backdrop.



Showcase owns and offers a complete range of exhibition and event furniture that is available for exhibition stand hire, VIP areas, after parties and speaker lounges.

Video Equipment


Showcase’s dedicated video production team provide filming and video editing services. Including green screen technology, animation and content creation.

Sound Equipment


Showcase has a range of AV equipment for hire. Audio visual equipment hire can be incorporated into a larger event as part of the event design or hired individually. Sound equipment hire is available for hire for both indoor and outdoor events.

Lighting Equipment


Showcase carries a range of lighting equipment available for equipment hire.

Content Creation


Showcase can produce all aspects of content creation including film shoots, video editing, info graphics, speaker presentations and mapping content. Our in house event designers work with you to reflect your brand.

Digital Signage


From big screen hire to smaller digital advertising screens, Showcase has a number of cutting edge exhibition screens for hire. These can be used to ensure brand awareness is key at any conference or event.

Dedicated Team


Our team has over 20 years experience of conference, exhibition, outdoor events, award dinners and gala event production. Each project has a dedicated project manager to ensure your event runs smoothly.

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