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Every Showcase team member you see is passionate about producing inspirational events.

Founder & MD

Ben Collings

As you can see from the title, he’s the man in charge. He’s good with numbers and planning, but more importantly he’s friendly and loves a chat (explains his fixation on client service) . When he’s not busy running Showcase, he’s dreaming of anything with two or four wheels, that’s fast and noisy. Surprise, surprise his alter ego is Valentino Rossi.

He claims his party trick is multi-tasking, but more importantly he believes in leading by example and respecting his colleagues’ differing skill set

Drop him line, call, check him out…

Finance Assistant

Angie Kaczmarczyk

Ask Angie what fascinates her and you’ll be in for a long list. Cars, animals, science, art, literature and then there’s IT, that’s at another level.

She’d love to be able to rewind time, maybe so she sneak in another nap.

Food is a passion, but she’ll always find time to answer your call.

Operations Director

James Whisby

Strange but true, this man who can make a chicken from a towel and sees himself as Banana Man, is quite the master of building new relationships and keeping existing clients happy. He is technical too and works closely with his design colleagues to make sure clients’ brand messages get across effectively. He is often to be found in the set and stage department - that’s when he’s not playing darts and snooker.

Give him a ring. Warning…you might find the conversation turning to steak

Senior Visual Designer

Hannah Drysdale

She’s creative through and through, not only when it comes to designing our events, but making origami stars and penguins and let’s not forget her in-car diva antics. Working in the design team on all creative aspects of our events, Hannah a keen skier (she likes to see herself as Lindsey Vonn), relishes the variety that her role brings on a daily basis.

Give her a break from The Mirror’s Weird News and get in touch

Sales & Strategic Account Director

Dave Harding-Lyle

With over 16 years’ experience in live events in all their guises, we are still struggling to understand why Madge Bishop is his alter ego. When he’s not on Ramsay Street he’s busy seeking new business opportunities and managing new projects. His passion, apart from watching Made in Chelsea, is ensuring all projects are delivered on budget, on time and surpassing customer expectations.

Get in touch, he’ll get back asap. (Unless he’s walking the dogs on Newgale beach)

AV Technician

Kieran Watts

Running the warehouse, providing technical assistance to all our events, cycling and playing the guitar & sax… the list of what makes Kieran’s day is endless. Kieran makes sure that when any equipment leaves us it’s completely client ready. Then when it’s on-site he’s double checking it all over again, this love of scrutiny could come from watching all that F1 and imagining himself as Kimi Raikkonen.

Get in touch.

Account Management Support

Isla Mckenzie

With Isla it’s all about building new relationships and of course nurturing existing ones. The fact that she comes from an event background couldn’t be more perfect.

Isla isn’t one for sitting down in her free time, unless it’s in a saddle. If she’s not on a horse, then she’s in water, be it lakes, waterfalls or the sea. She loves live music and travel is a passion.

Got an event you need creating, then get in touch. If there’s no reply, she’s probably at a festival.

Digital Project Manager

Matthew Wilson

Lover of all things technical with 20 years of experience within the live events sector, including operations to project management. When he isn’t making things run smoothly on the job you can find him playing computer games and researching new and upcoming technology in his spare time.
When he’s had enough screen time he likes to get out and about enjoying long walks with the dogs and kayaking.

Give him a call. If no immediate response, he’s researching a new hobby.

Senior Visual Designer

Grace Grandon

When she’s not exercising her creative muscles at work, you can find Grace re-designing every room in her house, revamping the furniture, or buying and selling fashion pieces... Grace enjoys an active life that involves anything but jogging. Unbeknown to most, a keen football player with a competitive edge, she would get involved in practically any challenge. A dream would be having a go at Takeshi's castle.

If you call Grace, be warned, she’s a natural storyteller and conversationalist, expect to hear stories of her Latin American adventures including scorpion stings.

Operations Support

Natalie Twiner

Natalie starts every morning with a workout and walk with her dog Wilson. Having five kids and their varied hobbies, weekends are full-on. Natalie enjoys spending time on her allotment, growing her own fruit & veg as well as looking after her six chickens. Natalie is renowned for her love of a good book, gin and throwing a great party.
Project Support

Davina Cox

Having worked in film and TV, Davina is no novice when it comes to planning and being organised. She knows that things don’t just happen. Davina works closely with the operations team supporting them with our increasing number of events.

Her down time, is more up and down as Davina starts every weekday morning at the gym or doing a HIIT workout. Weekend fitness comes from dancing and music festivals.

Being a prepared person, Davina is ready to hear from you, phone in one hand, weight in the other.

Senior Account Manager

Lowell Cabual

Lowell has 20 years’ experience in the industry, making him no stranger to creating epic events for his clients. His varied experience in senior roles at venues, hotels, agencies and suppliers has given him a true breadth of perspective.
Lowell is a natural networker and problem solver with a genuine passion for the events industry. He's got contacts aplenty and you can often spot him judging the achievements of others at events industry awards.

A self-confessed foodie, in his down-time you'll find Lowell happily cooking in his kitchen seeking his next specialty meal to share with friends.

Operations Manager

Steve James

Operations and Service Management - could be Steve’s middles names.
His experience covers a multitude of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to furniture repairs. In his free time, you can expect to find him on the squash court, in the garden, out with the dog or ferrying the kids about. All effortlessly achieved thanks to his experience in his field.
Warehouse Operator

Ryan Brown

Don’t let his youthful looks fool you, Ryan is equally at home taking part in his local pub quiz every Thursday as he is when he’s playing sport - particularly martial arts. Also don’t expect to see Ryan enjoying a night on the town, he’ll be on the sofa binge watching his fave box sets.

If he had one superpower it would be to be invisible, then he could wander round the warehouse and see who’s taking stuff without letting him know.

Give him a call, but expect to answer some of his trickier pub quiz questions.

Project Manager

Ruth Howlett

Ruth’s background is sport’s focussed, for the past 15 years she’s been creating events, providing hospitality and working with sponsorship agreements. So she’s no stranger to the unpredictable world of this industry.

When she’s not delivering great events, she’s likely to be exploring new destinations in the UK and Europe, particularly beaches … oh and she loves to dance.

Give her a call, if you’re lucky you might just get an invitation to taste one of her delicious custard creams.

Head of Video Production

Simon Goddard

With nearly 30 years of experience in tv and video production, he’ll either ‘sort it in post’ himself or know someone who can. Self-proclaimed king of the dad-gag he never stops smiling.

When not editing or filming, you’ll find Simon playing football, sampling craft beer, or walking his dog on the beach.

Give him a call

Client Services Director

Danielle Bigaignon

The clue is in the name, Danielle is French (but also Chinese) and all her family originate from Mauritius. An island girl at heart who loves to travel and has recently lived and worked in Dubai.

Danielle, is super organised, loves an excel spreadsheet and when she's not keeping the leadership team in check, Danielle can be found reliving her youth at a music festival.

If she’s not answering Danielle is keeping fit with reformer Pilates and long walks with her Bichon Frisé Minnie.

Trainee Warehouse and Live Event Technician Apprentice

Luke Harrison

Luke joins us for a two-year apprenticeship, where he is looking forward to learning all about the live events industry. A keen footballer, he also loves watching rugby and cycling. As a fan of Tottenham Hotspur, spending time at Showcase will give him his first experience of being part of a successful team. He's a keen gamer and can often be found shouting orders to his mates in his headset with controller in hand.

Give him a call, he promises not to bark any orders.

Senior Project Manager

Robin Hassell

With 20 years of experience working in the events industry Robin is well versed in turning ideas into reality. He loves it when a plan comes together!
Be it a muddy field, an historic venue, sports stadium or an exhibition hall he has had the pleasure of working with some of the industry's best.

You’ll usually find him conversing with a schedule or a budget, if not, then he’ll be with his family, being by the sea and eating.

Junior Visual Designer

Anya Goddard

A lover of all things to do with design and an eye for those lovely finishing touches, this is Anya's first foray into events and she can't wait to learn all the new things about the process of designing them. She loves to stay organised and always has a weekly planner on the go. When not scrolling through Pinterest, she loves to walk her dog and go to the gym.

She'd love to hear from you, unless she's cooking and baking.

Executive Assistant

Lucy Alexander

Organisation is in her DNA and with Lucy it's all about the detail, which is probably why she has a long history of supporting senior executives in creative industries.
She's just as organised when she's not in the office, her bucket list, next beach holiday and interior design project are all on a spreadsheet.

When she's not working through checklists she's checking out new restaurants or hosting dinner parties for friends.



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