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Showcase x Calluna Upcycling

A mission to save event graphics from ending up in landfill.

Showcase has forged a partnership with Calluna Upcycling as part of their unwavering commitment to sustainability. Calluna Upcycling, a purpose-driven organisation, aids businesses in their sustainability journey by transforming old event graphics into new, innovative products.

This collaboration allows us to recycle event graphics that would otherwise end up in landfills. After Events we send our customers’ unwanted event graphics to Calluna, who work their magic with a sewing machine to produce reusable covers for our furniture and many other really cool products. As well as the positive element of recycling the use of reusable covers means we use less plastic packaging and the lifespan of our products is increased.

More about Calluna

We produce an event

Calluna calculate how much waste fabric we will have after the event

We advise what products we need eg: furniture covers, trolley covers etc.

Showcase use the products

Calluna get sewing – creating the upcycled products

After the event we deliver the fabric to Calluna