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Our clients, like us, take the health of the planet and the people who live on it very seriously. Sustainability is top of the list when we are being briefed on our next event, which is why we have joined forces with KB Event for our #DrivingSustainabilityTogether campaign, which promotes the use of palm-free HVO fuel. Mental well-being is now being recognised as a serious issue, so it’s no surprise that our clients have taken note, as have we with the appointment of our Mental Health Champion.

Delivering well being

Creating a destress box at Retail Week Live

Part of the brief for this year’s Retail Week Live, in addition to the stage and exhibition we designed and built, was to create a space where visitors to the event could destress. So we came up with a 4×4 LED box which was designed to destress visitors through first-hand sensory involvement. We created visual content, with accompanying soundscapes and diffusers emitting complementary aromas.

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A sustainable delivery

Our use of palm-free HVO fuel

World Retail Congress is an important date in our diary, this year was the sixth time we’ve been involved with this event, the brief was quality not quantity; to take what we had created the previous year and enhance it, to give the event a premium look and feel.

We brought our trademark creativity to the 25m main stage, with an LED screen backdrop we designed and built, alongside two other stages. We carried this creative thought process over to how we were going to transport the elements that made up this event. In our commitment to making the events we help create as sustainable as possible, the transport we used to deliver the elements that made up this event, used palm oil-free HVO fuel.

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Delivering sustainable events

A joint partnership with KB Event

Showcase’s commitment to sustainability continues at a pace, thanks to its partnership with KB Event, pioneers of using palm-oil free HVO fuel in all its vehicles. The two companies have just launched their joint campaign #DrivingSustainabilityTogether, which aims to promote this greener method of transporting the elements that make up events across the UK and Europe.

Showcase and KB Event believe that whilst recyclable materials at an event are a step in the right sustainable direction, its carbon footprint will only be considerably lowered, if the transport used is equally sustainable. Hence the new #DrivingSustainabilityTogether campaign. Their 9 year relationship is being taken to the next level with their joint vision of all event transportation using palm oil-free HVO fuel. Both parties are aware that this cleaner fuel is more expensive and that some event organisers and agencies might struggle with the extra cost incurred, but Showcase has committed to running all of their clients’ events– regardless of whether or not the client foots the bill for the price difference on palm oil-free HVO.

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Creating an event that delivers wellness

Together Fest, what we did to help

Another regular date on the Showcase, Together Fest 2023, held alongside Retail Trust, took place at The Truman Brewery. This year’s event celebrated the power of collaboration by bringing together retail colleagues to share tools and advice to empower us all to live happier, healthier lives.

As a company who values the importance of acknowledging mental health and wellness, we are always proud to be involved with this event. For 2023 we helped create the staging, as well as being responsible for the graphics and providing all the furniture from our own boutique collection.

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Delivering support for our colleagues

Matt Wilson, our Mental Health Champion

Showcase values the need for good mental health for its employees, this is demonstrated by the appointment of employee Matt Wilson as their Mental Health Champion.

To see what mechanisms he has put in place for his fellow colleagues, watch the video below.

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New recruits that deliver

Meet Matt and Danielle

In response to our increasing number of events we have been asked to create around the UK and Europe, we are continuing to expand.

Introducing Matt Crowley our Sales & Strategic Account Director and Danielle Bigaignon, Leadership Associate Executive Assistant. One of them cooks a mean spicy chorizo and prawns the other has a Bichon Frisé called Minnie.

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