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Sustainability Charter

We’ve joined forces with KB Event to make events more sustainable. #DrivingSustainabilityTogether

This campaign aims to promote a greener method of transporting the elements that make up events around the UK and Europe, through the use of palm oil free HVO fuel. KB Event is a pioneer of this greener fuel and has been using it since 2018.

A 9-year working relationship and a passion for the environment are the foundations for this campaign. Both parties believe that the event industry’s carbon footprint will only be considerably lowered, if the transport used is equally sustainable. Hence the #DrivingSustainabilityTogether campaign.

Palm free HVO fuel is more expensive and we know that some event organisers and agencies might struggle with the extra cost incurred, but we are committed to delivering all of our clients’ events – regardless of whether or not their client foots the bill for the price difference – on this greener fuel. This eco-friendly fuel is also very efficient, one tank will get one of KB Event’s trucks to southern Spain, this is good news for us, as we create events all around Europe.

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