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We always say we don’t do events, we create them and our recent trip to the South of France for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is proof in point. We had six activation areas that required their own personality and brand, some of which were outside, which brings its own particular issues, but each and every element demanded creative and of course sustainable thinking. Thankfully our wonderful team contributed to make it all happen.

Hitting a creative high

Cannes Festival of Creativity

Six activation areas for six very different brands including Frog, AMEX, Whalar, BCG, SXM and Cannes Lions itself. Each came with their own specific needs and requirements, but that’s what we thrive on, creative challenges that stretch every element of our event creation toolbox.

Read more about what we got up to in Cannes.

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High summer events

How to create outdoor events

Events in the open air call for careful thinking when it comes to furniture. If, like Cannes, you’re blessed with good weather, then shade is a must. However, as much we all like a bit of sun, standing in the midday sun conducting business and networking is not going to go down well with delegates. The furniture you sit on and at also requires careful thought, it needs to be able to withstand the elements and set the right tone. Deckchairs might be a great option for a bar, but if it’s more of a serious networking space, then our bistro set is what you want.

To find out more about our boutique furniture collection and discover how it can add its own creative mark to your event, contact Lowell Cabual.

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High level creativity

How we do it

The event is called Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, so we needed to match it. How did we do it? By listening to the brief, asking questions, going away and thinking, then coming back with initial thoughts that hopefully won’t just answer the requirements but exceed them. We then plan, create, check and test, involving the client throughout the entire process. But the real secret to outstanding creativity is good old fashioned handwork, as the saying goes, inspiration and perspiration in equal measure. This is exactly what we did for our clients in Cannes and that’s how we managed to create not one but six activations that felt very much at home at an event that celebrated creativity.

If you’d like to discover how we could inject creativity in your next event, contact Matt Crowley

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Highly sustainable approach

Keeping our events environmentally friendly

There’s no point in producing creative events and experiences if they literally cost the earth. That’s why we always balance creativity and sustainability in equal measure. In Cannes, for BCG, timber based products and water based paints were used, that they will be reusing elements from this event for other upcoming events. For Whalar the print from last year’s event was used and Frog will be repurposing their signs in their offices. All the plants were sourced from local partners and the fuel used to transport everything was palm-free HVO.

A high five to teamwork

The importance of working together

What we created at Cannes, was not just the work of one or two people. In fact it involved: 6 production managers and 70 crew, including 40 carpenters, 4 AV technicians, 4 furniture installers, 16 local crew and 6 vegetation installers. That’s a total of 76 people.

When you ask us to get involved with your event, whilst you might only talk to a handful of people, you can be assured that there is a whole army of talented specialists helping to bring your brief to its creative fruition.

Meet the team

High profile brands

How we put them centre stage

One of the main challenges of Cannes was how to create six different activations, each needing to tell a different brand story and be used in its own specific manner. Each activation was an individual sponsor at the event, requiring specific design, builds, dressing, and project delivery to each area.

We achieved this by understanding the key elements that made up the brand DNA of each sponsor and physically representing them visually and audibly. Every aspect of the activations was brand specific, the colours, the video content, the print and the plants. One of our favourite tricks to display a brand’s personality is through the furniture choice, even down to the cushions used.

Want to know how we could transform your brand into an event, a stand, an activation or experience, please contact Matt Crowley.

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