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What a year… Thanks to all of our amazing clients, the great teams we worked with and the fantastic venues we visited. Unsurprisingly with the festive season upon us, recently it’s all been about award ceremonies and gala dinners, we love creating these events as they demand a set of specific skills. Also who doesn’t love being in an amazing venue, watching people have a great time, sometimes for a worthwhile cause?

Celebratory Events

Award yourself creativity

Recently we created two award ceremonies, The LaingBuisson Awards 2023 & The Verint Innovate Awards. These two ceremonies were honouring achievements in two very different arenas, one healthcare and the other tech, but the way we approached them was the same, though don’t confuse that with a cookie-cutter offering… not on Showcase’s watch. What was similar though, was the fact that we listened, we questioned, we offered advice, we drew on our long history of creating such events and then delivered. By that, we mean we created an awards ceremony for each client that had their brand’s personality and ethos all over it, creatively of course. We then ensured it ran smoothly, so our clients could sit back and enjoy the awards themselves. Maybe that could help explain why 90% of our business is repeat business.

Learn more about how we could create an individual gala dinner and awards ceremony.

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Celebrating Others

Charity Events

Events that raise money for good causes are close to our hearts. After all who wants to be a Scrooge? Million Makers is an amazing dragons’ den style fundraising challenge which sees teams of employees, from companies across the UK, compete to turn up to £1,500 of seed funding into £10,000 or more for The Prince’s Trust.

We have been involved with this great event since 2016 and it is always an important date on our event calendar. Our task is to basically create the entire event; bespoke set with built-in screens, lighting, audio, video, print, signage and content creation. You name it Showcase will have a hand in its creation. Being a charity event, we donate some of our services free of charge.

If you’ve got a charity event that needs to raise more money by raising its game, Lowell Cabual would love to hear from you.

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Celebrating Venues

Location, Location, Location

We always say to think of your venue as the perfect guest. You don’t want your guest to be boring, greedy and unhelpful and the same applies to the venue. Here’s a quick five-point checklist to help you choose the right venue:

  1. Can people get to it? Nobody wants empty seats.
  2. Will it provide the perfect backdrop to your event? It’s a gala event, not a meeting, so make sure that your event will help create the correct atmosphere.
  3. Is it tech-savvy? Can it support all the awesome lighting, sound and video content that we’re going to create for you?
  4. Size does matter. Too big, the event will get lost. Too small, uncomfortable for everyone.
  5. Does it fit the budget? If the answer is no, move on.

We’ve created events in venues all across the world, so we like to think we know what makes a good one. Want our opinion? Dave has got plenty, contact him on…

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Celebrating Style

Boutique, design-led furniture

A chair at a gala dinner is more than something you sit on. It’s an important piece of your event’s visual jigsaw. Obviously, it has got to be comfortable, but it also needs to look good, not in a seen-it-all-before way, but in a surprising, conversation-stopping way. Want to know where you can find such furniture? Then may we point you in the direction of our very own boutique, design-led furniture collection? It’s packed with chairs, tables, sofas, desks, stools and there’s even a special outdoor section. So if you need furniture that shuns the predictable…

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Celebrating Our Planet

Make it your VIP guest

Gala dinners and awards are meant to be fun, but to get serious for a bit, they shouldn’t cost the earth. There are lots of ways we ensure that your events are as sustainable as possible. These include:

  1. Go digital. Ditch paper where possible.
  2. Source food and drink locally.
  3. Reuse branded items from previous dinners and awards.
  4. Ditch single-use items.
  5. Ask the venue about their waste management.
  6. Check the logistics company and what fuel they use in their trucks. Here at Showcase, we partner with KB Event which uses palm-free HVO fuel.
Our Sustainability Drive

Celebrating a New Year

Getting ahead for 2024

2024 is just around the corner, no we can’t believe it either. Have you got your events sorted for the New Year? If there’s a lot on your tick-list that’s still left unticked, then it will save you money and stress if you get ahead and get sorted. We of course can help you, it doesn’t have to be a gala dinner or awards ceremony, we are equally talented at creating exhibitions, conferences, outdoor events and experiential events.

We’re not asking you to contact Lowell Cabaul in between serving up the sprouts and turkey, but best not to leave it to the last minute.

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