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In early 2015 we were awarded a new contract; Technical Partner for the Without Borders Bible Week event; an annual Christian conference with 1,500 delegates attending over 7 days, organised by Without Borders.


The event was to be held at Newark Showground, where Showcase AVi would be required to transform one of their agricultural building into a conference venue to hold 1,200 delegates.


We draped the entire venue and used temporary walls to create entrance ways, production area, catering areas and a green room within the space.

A bespoke stage was designed and built for ministry and worship bands.

We devised a visual solution which comprised of HD projection on to a custom build 21m2 projection screen with live video relay to HD plasma screens.

We also provided the rigging, lighting and audio solution within the conference arena, live audio relay to a crèche and production and green room areas. As per every Showcase project we provided full Project Management and Production support during the set up, live dates and de-rig.

Prior to the solution we composed being signed off by the client, a 3D flythrough video, visual drawings and CAD’s were created to allow the client to see the final concept and plan seating areas.

“We cannot give enough credit to Showcase’s Project Account Manager –
Dave Harding-Lyle and his team who did a fantastic job in the run up, during,
and after the event. They did an excellent job all round – thanks!”


The transformation of the agricultural building to a fully functioning ‘temporary church’ took just two days.

With the simultaneous installation of all technical elements, draping, staging and production areas along with all 1200 chairs!

We cant take the credit for the simple but creative and beautiful lighting display hung over the stage which was designed by the Without Borders team and installed by our riggers.


Transforming an agricultural building into a conference venue wasn’t without its difficulties – the ceiling height at Newark Showground was low and variable.

We were made aware of this during site visits we carried out pre-install, therefore at the design stage we utilised audio and projection calculation and software to design the correct creative solution for the space, in order to ensure optimum audio and projection coverage.

The install and live event went without a hitch and we were thrilled with how professional the transformation looked.