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Our new furniture catalogue has dropped, but our standards haven’t.

We launched our boutique furniture collection last year and it has proved such an overwhelming success that we’ve updated, expanded and enlarged it.

The collection is full of new pieces, but the criteria to get into the catalogue are the same. If you are a predictable chair then it’s goodbye, if you are a sofa that looks more at home in a VIP club rather than an exhibition stand, then you’re welcome. However, don’t think that just because our furniture collection is design-led, it is not practical.

We believe that furniture however stylish still needs to be comfortable and fit for purpose; our boutique furniture collection gives you beautiful pieces that perform brilliantly and are anything but utilitarian.


Furniture for functions, not functional furniture.

Our boutique range includes chairs, tables, sofas and stools and there’s even an outdoor section, so no matter the event we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for furniture that is rarely seen at an exhibition, conference or private function.

We believe that the right furniture will enhance any event, sure nobody is going to complain if the seat that they are sitting on at your event is a bit boring. However imagine their first impressions as they walk into a conference hall, exhibition venue or private dining room and are greeted with elegant chairs that beg to be sat on.

Our experience in the event furniture market has taught us that furniture which combines intelligent design with beautiful aesthetics adds a discernible personality all of its own. It can raise your event to the next level. If your sofa encourages conversation or your stools facilitate networking, then your delegates and guests are going to leave with a smile on their face, rather than an ache on their back.


Design-led, business focussed

Whilst our furniture might be creative and original, our customer service, logistics and product knowledge is old school, tried & tested and totally reliable. If we say we are going to get our giant bag to you on a certain day for a specific price, then that is what we’ll do. How can achieve this? Because we stock this entire boutique furniture collection ourselves, we are in complete control.

Not that we are furniture divas, but we will politely steer you away from any pieces you might like, that might be a tad inappropriate for your event. But if you want your delegates sitting on rattan chairs around a birdcage coffee table, who are we to limit your imagination?

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