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With events… it pays to plan

Good events don’t just happen, they need planning. Planning well in advance doesn’t just save you stress, it also saves money and the environment. Here are some of our top planning tips.

Be prepared

See planning in action – Retail Week 2022

We started planning this event 11 months in advance, this by the way is not unusual when we create events of this magnitude. Every last detail was planned with the client, no decision was left to the last minute, resulting in a hugely successful event. This year the awards ceremony took place immediately after the conference, which meant that our logistical expertise was put to the test. The venue needed to be transformed from an exhibition & conference into an awards ceremony in double quick time. If ever there was proof in the adage: “Fail to plan, plan to fail” this was it, thanks to the joint preparation between Ascential and ourselves, the transformation was seamless.

Read the Full Case study

Be faithful

Enjoy benefits of using a single provider

Rather than changing your event provider every time you put on an event, it could be more beneficial to choose a long-term single event provider on a fixed-pay, long-term contract. The thinking behind this approach is that if both supplier and client share mutual goals for success, the results are going to far exceed those from working on a one-off basis.

From a B2B perspective, such a partnership makes budget management and planning much easier as it goes to one company as opposed to being distributed across multiple vendors. Additionally, working with a single provider long-term, cements business alignment and makes communication smoother.

We practice what we preach, as we are proud to have a roster of clients with whom we work with on a regular basis, with both sides benefiting from an ongoing, deep rooted relationship.

We have named this process “Events as a Service” and you can read all about here.

Be green

How to create sustainable events

The events industry has had bad press in the past for its carbon footprint, so it is only right that we are all taking an active stand to produce more sustainable events. The very nature of events encourages single-use, but with careful planning, this can be avoided. Raw materials can be delivered in a greener manner if ordered well in advance, the structures that are made from them can then be reused at a later date, which helps eradicate single use and of course the ultimate goal – using 100% recycled materials.

This is exactly what we did recently at Retail Week, where we created a stand that was built entirely from recycled, reusable and sustainable materials.

Plastic and events have in the past gone hand-in-hand but all that is changing. Not only are we reducing the amount of plastic we use, we are also striving to offset plastic. Recently at World Retail Congress, we had the honour of working with CleanHub who neutralised all the plastic used at this event. 530.30kg to be precise.

Be cost-effective

Thinking ahead can save money

Keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line doesn’t automatically mean cutting corners, that’s something that we just don’t do at Showcase. So how do you achieve the results you want, at the budget you’ve set? The answer is simple; plan and purchase in good time. This enables you to secure suppliers and lock in prices, pivotal in light of rising transportation and energy prices.

Choosing suppliers who have in-house resources and furnishings is also a key factor to keeping prices fixed. As an established events company Showcase has dedicated in-house teams and a large furniture and technical equipment collection. That means the price we quote, is the price we invoice. Something that doesn’t always happen when using third party suppliers.

Be picky

Good relationships = Good results. That’s why our clients choose us

Good relationships, rely on great communication and a shared goal. Take the time to search out the right event provider for you, one that matches your vision and understands your challenges. The result will be consistently excellent events.

In choosing Showcase you get a professional, but more importantly personal approach, whilst we don’t want to boast, this is the recent feedback we got from a client whose event we created last month:

“We have used them before and they have always delivered. A cliché, but the fact is that they really do go above and beyond, they do whatever it takes to get the job the done and always to a great standard. On the day itself they always listen to any concerns and are really calm and reactive. I really like the team and trust their expertise and know-how, which is essential at an event. They’re also great fun to work with, which really helps ease any stress.”

Claire Askew – Together Fest – Retail Trust

“We bought Showcase on board as a new supplier for our show, they provided a new look and feel to our main content theatres. They were so efficient to work with from concept through to delivery and we knew every aspect was taken care of – attention to detail being spot on throughout! They have a way of making our stressful pre-show changes fun!”

Ellie Woodward – Operations Manager – Hyve Group PLC

Be smart

Our online shops streamline & simplify

We’ve developed our own online web shops that can be tailored for any particular event. These shops are used mainly for large exhibitions and allow exhibitors to browse and purchase their stands and supplies online. This has proven exceptionally efficient as it eradicates any manual process and manages stock control & deadlines efficiently. Payments are then fulfilled online, which again streamlines the process for both parties.