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Ministry Without Borders held its annual summer conference at Newark Showground. Over 2000 delegates including children and teenagers attended the week-long event.


Showcase Avi’s challenge was to completely transform and convert an agricultural building into a practical and inspiring conference environment for the week-long event.


Working alongside the client and within the charity’s budget we used Auto CAD to space plan and create a draping solution, so to make a room within a room. This effect was used to cost effectively transform the agricultural building into a conference room environment. The draping solution not only acted as walling to minimise the space but also assisted with acoustics.

Working in conjunction with the showground’s architects, the weight loading and structural CADs had to be carefully designed and signed off to allow three tonnes of lighting and rigging equipment to be suspended from the roof structure.

The audio solution consisted of digital consoles linked together to provide the following:

  1. An audience mix front of house.
  2. A separate console side stage for mixing the onstage bands.
  3. In-ear monitors.
  4. Seating area monitor speakers.

In total we utilised 64 channels of audio on digital racks and 48 channels for band and vocalists. We also configured radio mics (both DPA cheek and handheld systems). Audio feeds were configured and outputted to audio recording, video recording systems and live streaming.

We worked alongside the client’s volunteer technical team to create a bespoke and simple video solution for their operators. This consisted of separate switchers for projection, onstage screens and flown plasma screens, so allowing distribution for both GS and SD definitions. Cameras were mixed via the client’s integrated vision mixer and the feed was sent out to the required locations.


Key features of delivery included:

  • HD Switching
  • Stage & Set Design including Wall Drapes
  • Laser Projection
  • Digital Audio Consoles
  • Line Array
  • Radio Mics
  • Truss
  • Rigging
  • Technical Team
  • Project Management

H&S documents, process and accreditations were used as well as full operational management and logistics which were delivered and managed by the team.


The venue was successfully transformed into a conference room environment resulting in ongoing discussions regarding contract extensions that include moving to larger site for 2020 and onwards.