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In the 5th year of a contract with Ironman we delivered the last two races of the UK 2019 series in September.



Provide outdoor coverage for 2,500 competitors and10,000 spectators across various zones across the outdoor event space – whilst maintaining the required audio restrictions with the local council.


The sub-bass levels from the high energy music and announcements was the main concern for this outdoor event. Therefore we calculated the line array to ensure the correct dispersion was achieved and then we configured sub-bass speakers in cardioid mode to full the audio forward.

The team were on-site two days ahead of this outdoor event to ensure the logistics and equipment were installed before competitors and road closures were in place.

The areas we covered included:

Starting line
We installed a line array audio system, providing coverage for the athletes at swim start as they headed out to sea.

Transition zone
To ensure that clear instruction was heard from the start line to the transition area we installed a high output radio feed. This ensured that commentators could provide valuable information and instruction between these two sections of the event.

Once the swim cut off times had been achieved, the transition was then a stand alone system allowing the commentary team to make localised announcements.

Finish line
We installed a stand mounted line array speak system. This audio system provided equal coverage to all the supporters with no infringement on the sightline or branding.

The audio system included two handheld radio mics along with high gain aerials, for mp3 players.



To supply this outdoor event with multiple sound systems, covering the various zones. The areas covered were: starting line, finishing line, transition zone, race briefing venue and awards venue.


We split our teams into smaller groups to allow each area of the event to be installed within the timeframes. The challenge in Tenby is the narrow street and the logistics involved in moving equipment from an articulated lorry into a short wheel based van. We used this smaller vehicle as it could drive along a narrow harbour wall to the swim start location on North Beach.

Our production manager oversaw all technical and logistical aspects of the event, in order to comply with tight timelines and road closures. Our plans were used on-site by a variety of Ironman subcontractors to ensure barriers, power, participants and spectators were positioned in safe audio sound pressure level areas.

The iconic MDOT branding was utilised throughout the outdoor event on a projection surface. This piece of scenery was designed by our CAD & 3D visual team.


After a successful 2019 season, our contract has been extended with Ironman.