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About the event

A 90-minute virtual event for UNESCO’s Section for Health and Education that highlighted the benefits of good quality comprehensive sexuality education. The event attracted an audience of over 500 from around the globe.

UNESCO invited Showcase to bid alongside several other virtual event support companies around the world via an open bidding process (after UNESCO found information about Showcase on their website). The virtual event was based in London with the client being in France.


Showcase was tasked with creating pre-recorded video content that was recorded and edited in house. The brief also involved production of animated content and test sessions & rehearsals for the presenters, along with the live event stream to the client’s platform.


The event was fully virtual and the client wanted to stream via their own Zoom account. Using their production studio in London, Showcase liaised directly with the client team in France and conducted a series of pre-production meetings to ensure all content, lower third animations, bumper videos, background animations and running orders were aligned ahead of the live event. Showcase also consulted on the tools that could be used for live subtitle captioning and interactive experiences for the delegates. Showcase also produced a highlights video of the entire event.

The Showcase team was present throughout the event ensuring the event went live, was stable and ran smoothly, particularly the live sessions, dialled in from all around the world.


The event was considered a huge success, Showcase used their experience to assist the client and gave their opinion when asked to ensure the content was relayed in most engaging format. UNESCO also appreciated Showcase’s flexibility, knowledge, experience and friendless. Showcase was invited to bid for another UNESCO event, which they successfully won, so ended up delivering two events in a short space of time.