Railsbank, who deliver a seamless API product to companies through a technology platform that moves past the legacy issues, exhibited at Money 20/20.

Money20/20 is the world’s leading, premium content, sales and connections platform for the global money ecosystem.

This is the place where the industry moves forward. From global leaders to new challengers and from tech giants to scrappy startups, we catalyse change through the collision of people and ideas.


Showcase arranged a call with Railsbank to discuss the why / who / how they were attending and what they wanted from their exhibition stand design. This conversation formed the basis of the design brief.

The discussion revealed that their partners QNTMPAY sponsor McLaren, which gave rise to the idea that having a 2020 Formula 1 McLaren car on their exhibition stand, would be a real draw for the delegates.


The design and build of the exhibition stand where meetings, demos of products and data capture would take place, needed to match the standards set by the Formula 1 car. A 2.6mm 5m x 3m LED screen was chosen as centre point for displaying infomercials, high impact attention grabbing videos of McClaren racing and Railsbank advertisements. With F1 comes champagne, so Showcase designed a bespoke Champagne bar & fridge with an acrylic housing to display signed racing helmets and other prizes to draw delegates to the stand.

There were four information points to demo products and run videos that were IPAD controlled. The main focal point was the flooring; Showcase created an acrylic LED halo effect floor which illuminated the Railsbank logo. To create a ‘party atmosphere’ during networking drinks, Showcase provided the appropriate audio equipment, this was also used for the audio for video playback and car sound effects to add atmosphere.


This overseas event involved: one day flights, two days build, three days on-site for the show, four-hour get out. Showcase also managed Covid restrictions, flights, logistics and transport.

The client was very impressed with the results:

“Hi Dave,

Thanks for the message – I saw it last night but thought to give us all a bit of breathing space before responding. Firstly, it was lovely to work with you, and we thank you for all your efforts before the event and during.

The stand looked great with its disco floor and huge LED, and it impressed the right people in the audience and CEO.

Thank you for coming to the rescue with regards to the videos and glasses – we appreciated your flexibility to assist.”

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