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Venue: Bankside Hotel, London
Client name: BlueFort Security
Event name: BlueFort.Live An event for and about UK CISOs
Date of event: 15th October 2021

About the event

Described by the client as a one-hour fireside chat for and about UK CISOs. The online audience, as well as a select VIP audience enjoyed the event from the Live Study, they heard and saw cybersecurity expert Graham Cluley discuss the independent research conducted by BlueFort Security.


To guide the client through the delivery of this, the first ever BlueFort Live Hybrid event. To provide full production of the live stream from the studio in Bankside Hotel.


To ensure the client was engaged, responsive and reassured about their first hybrid event from Showcase, regular project meetings for both the virtual side of the event and in person side were held. Showcase discussed the clients’ exact requirements for the project which included personalising their templated platform Event@ to deliver the virtual side of the event, engage the audience, in sponsors and exhibition areas as well as allowing one to one meeting to be booked and facilitated. 
The hybrid nature meant they could utilise Showcase’s Bankside studio where the 7m curved LED wall acted as a backdrop to the fireside chat and event. The format was to be a quick fire 1 hour session with questions from both the in person audience and also the virtual attendees via Slido, with integrated polls. 
Showcase upgraded the camera requirements free of charge to allow further flexibility for the stream and video team. As well as streaming directly to their own Event@ platform, they also provided an audio solution for the in-person audience to enable them to clearly hear the discussions between the panellists. Two panellists were unable to attend the live studio due to COVID and travel restrictions. Showcase was notified 48hrs pre-event that there was a problem,  they were able to arrange test streams and bring the remote panellist into the conversation and display their feeds onto the LED wall and also live stream.


One day, three-hour rehearsal and one-hour live event, with a crew of 10.

“Wow! What an incredible event BlueFort.Live was on Friday – it was packed with cybersecurity experts sharing their experiences and advice for UK CISOs”

“Enormous thanks to our expert panel our broadcast partners, Showcase.”

Project Service Summary

  • Platform design and build, utilising Event@
  • Content creation / animations / lower third name straps
  • Studio facility for in person audience
  • Live broadcast to 150 attendees
  • In-person studio audience
  • Hybrid solutions
  • Project management
  • On demand content post event
  • Analytics & Stats for polls, attendees and registrations
  • Inclusive audience participation via chats and Slido
  • Furniture and rugs
  • Streaming equipment
  • Studio