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Venue: Rome Cavalleri, Rome, Italy
Event name: World Retail Congress
Type: Conference

About the event:

The World Retail Congress, held in Rome at the Cavalieri Hotel, united leaders from across the global industry for innovative, groundbreaking strategy and insights to drive success. The Congress’  programme cut to the core of key issues, bringing together the brightest minds inside retail and out, including those from economics, academia, politics and NGOs.


It was fifth World Retail Congress for Showcase. This year’s event had originally been planned for 2019, then 2020, but postponed due to the pandemic. Showcase were briefed to design, build and manage the full event production.


To design, build and manage all areas including: set build, AV, furniture, directional and sponsor signage, digital signage and technical support including full production management.

This event demanded the highest technical spec. Highlights included: 

Main room LED screen and projection mapping with Watchout for playback and analogue way Ascender switching on the CNC full size globes that were manufactured specifically for this event.

Main room four-camera shoot plus cameras in all tracks/breakouts. All content recorded and provided to client for editing.

Live presenter dial-in capability for all stages to cover speakers who could not travel due to COVID.  They were all managed through a virtual green room, which provided a single point of contact for all speakers, no matter which of the seven stages they were on.


In total Showcase designed and built seven stages, five activation areas and 10 start pods. They also created 85 pieces of directional signage as well as eight digital signage screens, all of which used Showcase’s digital signage software. They also created full renders and plans for all areas including sponsorship activation pieces.

On top of all of this, they provided the plants and furniture for all areas, in total there were 300 pieces of furniture and vegetation.

This three-day show involved a two-day install, including one overnight session to cover off unloading into parts of the venue that were not available on the first build day. The de-rig post show was completed in seven hours. In total Showcase’s transport involved: three x 45ft Artics (one from UK, others sourced locally to reduce impact on emissions) and two x 18t trucks. They provided up to 60 crew onsite at any one time during build and de-rig, as well as 24 technicians during each live day. There was also a team of 10 from UK to manage and deliver all content.

Project Service Summary:

  • Set and stage design & build
  • Exhibition stand design
  • Project management for hybrid event
  • Provision of technical equipment and solution
  • Print of sustainable event display graphics
  • Film and video editing
  • Creation of on-demand content
  • Consultation on best practice