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About the event

Verint Engage is an annual conference for their customers and this year for prospects and partners. The conference covers Europe, Middle East and Africa, the three days consist of: one-to-one meetings, solutions showcase keynote speaker sessions, user forums and an awards ceremony.


To create an engaging virtual event.

Verint’s annual conference, which for the past three years has been held at The Landmark Hotel in London, obviously could not be held as a live event this year. As an important date in their sales and customer relationship calendar, they were keen not to cancel, so decided to take it virtual.

Verint’s were conscious of the fact that with so many virtual events taking place earlier in the year, there was a real danger of ‘online fatigue’. So as well as a technical exercise, it was also a content creation and design challenge.


To create a bespoke online event platform, so allowing sections on the site to be tailored to Verint’s exact needs. These included: product pages, videos and product expert pages that linked through to a meeting booking platform, allowing delegates one-to-one time with the experts. 

To assist with engagement, they facilitated an on-line chat forum for delegates and session presenters, there was also a live polling feature built in so delegates could interact with online sessions. Showcase’s production values enhanced the delegates’ experience, taking it beyond the standard online event, these included: 3D Animated backdrops for the main conference area, editing, filming both physical and green screen layering, live streaming and management of networking sessions on-line.


Showcase was responsible for creating, hosting and running the event, which was filmed, produced and streamed from their studios at St. Ermin’s Hotel.

Project Service Summary

  • Filming
  • Live Streaming
  • Content Creation
  • 3D animation
  • Green Screen Animation
  • Event Platform
  • Event Project Management


A hugely successful event over 600 attendees. The client was very happy, stating: “We have worked with Showcase for over five years. They have always delivered beyond our expectations. We were extremely impressed with how they have adapted and responded so quickly  to our needs in this new virtual event world. They surpassed our expectations on every level, creatively, technically and of course customer service. We were apprehensive before we started on this virtual version of the event about how engaging it would be and thanks to Showcase’s input we have had nothing but positive feedback about the content and the way it was delivered online.”