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About the event

Verint Conference – An internal conference for 180 registered delegates to demonstrate sales skills for products, for long-term client Verint.


Showcase was asked to create content, film and then live stream the conference using their own bespoke online platform EVENT@. The two days of filming and streaming were carried out at their own London based studio in St. Ermin’s Hotel.


To answer the brief, a 6m x 2.5m printed backdrop was created in the St. Ermin’s studio to film key speakers, content was then edited with a mix of film and presentations; remote presenters were dialled in. The EVENT@ online platform provided secure registration and log in for Verint’s delegates. Data was tracked using EVENTalyitics, Showcase’s own event software that provided the data in easy to read formats.


The internal conference was deemed highly successful by Verint. The event occurred during lockdown, so government guidelines were strictly adhered to within the COVID compliant St. Ermin’s studio.