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We’ve turned the tables on predictability. At Showcase we like to think we create rather than do.

This applies not only to all the events we are involved in but the furniture we carefully select. Talking of which we’ve just launched our new furniture collection and we’re giving you the chance to win £1,500 worth of this new rental furniture for your own personal event.

3 spaces in Cannes

Creativity par excellence

We headed down to the South of France for Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity where we were briefed to create three inspirational spaces, the Speakers Lounge for the organisers, plus two areas for legacy sponsors: Whalar and NBCUniversal. We had to capture brand identities, design inside and outside and provide high-end furniture – from our new collection, of course.

Proud to say that our creative approach and excellent customer service was really appreciated by our various clients as we received some of the best feedback we’ve ever had. 

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1 new furniture collection

It’s launched

Our new collection is here, it’s packed with stylish, comfortable furniture that blends form and function perfectly. We’ve handpicked each item, based on our long-term experience with event furniture, so it’s not just attractive to look at, it’s comfortable, practical and in some cases enhances the experience. 

The collection includes a wide variety of chairs, sofas, stools, tables (coffee, side, poseur), furniture sets, as well as lights and decorative items. The collection has been carefully put together, taking business and personal events into consideration, we’ve also included pieces that work particularly well outside. 

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An entire furniture collection, under 1 roof

What you see is what you get

Ordering one thing and getting a poor replacement, we’ve all been there. The good news is that when you order furniture from our new collection, the item will be the exact one you ordered. We can guarantee this as we stock the entire collection ourselves. The other benefits of holding the complete collection is that there are no supply chain issues and price increases. 

Our product knowledge is exemplary, so we can advise on the best pieces for your particular event, be it business, pleasure, inside or out.

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Our top 8 furniture faves

The team has their say

Opinions – everyone’s got one. The Showcase team is no different, they’ve each got their own favourite from the new furniture collection. Being a democratic company, we’re not going to pick out any in particular, we’ve listed them all, they include tables, chairs, stools, tables and more. The reason’s behind the choices are as individual as the people who have chosen them.

Beth’s designer furniture set

As the Visual Designer, it’s no surprise that I’ve gone for the Ercol inspired furniture set. This Oslo mango coffee table is perfectly paired with the Wickham wooden armchair, this set can be placed anywhere that a sophisticated yet welcoming seating arrangement is required.

Davina’s comfy sofa

After a busy day offering support to colleagues, I need a few minutes to myself. My head has definite date with this button cushion on this stylish sofa.

Ben’s top table

I love to chat and drink coffee. This Kare design side table set allows me to do both with ease as I can rest my cup on this elegant, but reasonably priced, gold wired table. It also splits so you get 2 tables for 1.

Isla’s stylish stool

As Showcase’s Senior Account Manager I spend a lot of time sitting down, sadly not in front of a bar. I crave furniture that combines comfort and style and this Sienna Bar Stool does just that, thanks to the shape of the seat.

James’ clever tech mirror

Is it a mirror or is it a touchscreen? Coming from our Head of Technical & Operations James, it is of course both. This clever combo is a 75” 4K touchscreen interactive screen as well as a magic mirror!

Dave’s sophisticated armchair

Dave likes to make his home in a VIP lounge, so he’s chosen the Bailey armchair, as like Dave, it’s often found in similar surroundings. Dave admires the sophisticated hint of rose gold, plus it’s super comfy, the perfect way to relax with a glass of wine or a coffee.

Hannah’s chic sofa

Hannah is all about the visuals, she is our Senior Visual Designer after all, so she’s gone for this super stylish sofa in a wonderfully rich navy velvet. Hannah can see herself poised with pencil hand as she creates her next visual masterpiece. Its comfort matches its aesthetics.

Matt’s attention-grabbing cubes

Matt likes to make an impression so he’s gone for our perspex cubes and plinths as when they are uplit they make great indoor and outdoor features – he’s thinking product launches.

Furniture rental for zero

Yours, when you appoint us

We believe in giving something back, but not just a cursory offer, something that has true value and meaning for the events industry. Event AV & furniture, get them right and you’ve got a hit on your hands, get them wrong…So we are giving away £1,500 of event furniture and AV equipment away for free for you to rent.

Get us on board for a new live event and we’ll give you £1,500 worth of AV/furniture for free. In reality, this means you get a very effective method of enhancing your brand, the visitors’ experience and the overall ambiance for absolutely nothing. As we all know that right furniture can really help your next event reach the next level.

We boast a large collection of high-end furniture pieces and would like to offer any new client up to £1500 worth of FREE AV and furniture rental* from our  Showcase range when you appoint us.

*Free rental AV/furniture offer: AV or furniture spend of rental value to a maximum £1,500, selected from Showcase`s range. Applies to new contracts only. T&Cs apply and subject to availability at time of booking for your event until September 30th, 2022.

Contact us today to discuss your next event and to take advantage of this offer.

Win £1,500 of furniture for yourself

Our boutique collection is here

Our new furniture collection has landed and we thought it was time we gave you a chance to win something for yourself. Being in events we don’t need to tell you how important it is to get the furniture right, well that applies equally to a wedding, VIP lunch, charity dinner as it does an exhibition.

So here’s your chance to win £1,500 worth of our new high-end furniture for yourself.

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