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About the event

The Salvation Army provides specialist support for all adult victims of modern slavery in England and Wales. A live stream event was held on Thursday 4th March to communicate how The Salvation Army is fighting the global crime of modern slavery and human trafficking.


Showcase was commissioned to film and live stream the event from the Salvation Army HQ in London on 4th Match.


A stage was set up and the event was filmed from The Salvation Army HQ in London, respecting and complying to COVID 19 regulations. Presenters were shot using a 4 camera set-up on site with a video and audio relay from a second studio for the survivor interview.

Graphic mixing and overlays were applied to content and the event live streamed to the client’s own Vimeo and YouTube channels.


Showcase was responsible for filming, producing and streaming the live event from the client’s location during lockdown. This meant careful planning was needed to adhere to stringent COVID guidelines.