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For 24 years, Retail Week Awards have been a symbol of excellence for the retail sector. These awards recognise the amazing work achieved within the industry by everyone from boardroom leaders to  store managers.

Having used the same supplier for the previous 10 years, the client needed complete reassurance that Showcase would deliver this year’s event to expectations. We were tasked to produce a design for the main awards event and the after party, that was held at Grosvenor House Hotel. The priority being to create a modern vibe, whilst maintaining some of the event’s tradition.


The event had historically used projection so that when guests entered they wouldn’t see over the balcony to the stage. For this event we designed the installation to use an LED screen on a self climbing truss system, since we were unable to use rigging points where we needed them.

Under the screen we designed a two layered stage system that saw us pick out the ‘A’ from the brand’s design. This was raised and the floor finish was a specialist high gloss reflective vinyl matting.

Either side of stage there were two full size 4.5m ‘A’ sections which were lit to contrast a subtle traditional look against the modern use of technology.

We used the in-house audio and generic/LED lighting system and complemented the stage on and off with LED moving head fixtures.

Before the awards we had to set the space with a lightbox and generic seating for a drinks reception. When guests went down to the awards room we had to turn the reception space around for the afterparty. During a 3 hour time window we installed stage, lighting, audio, furniture, bars and scenery.

Installing an 8m wide stage for the 5 piece live band we complimented this with a 6m x 3m fabric lightbox.

A ground stacked line array was installed for the room which was being used by the band and live DJ. Circus effect light bulb lettering was installed to stage.
In the other end of the space we installed a glass mirrored bar for service along with velvet soft luxury seating, cushions and planting with festoon lighting. This also included lounge style furnishing such as floor lamps to give the luxury forest feel within the trees.


Given the nature of this event we only had 8 hours to install the awards and 3 hours to switch around the reception to create the afterparty venue. Ensuring we had the right personnel to carry out the task effectively was key, knowledge and understanding of the venue along with the ability to work under tight time constraints was crucial to ensure there was no delay in seating the 1500 guests.

The event installation, live and dismantle times were carried out within a back-to-back 24 hour time line. This meant we had to run with 3 teams in order to work inline with healthy and safety, to avoid fatigue and to ensure all teams were alert and fresh at all times.

The production was fully designed, created and managed by the team in the UK. Pre planning meetings and story boards were created for the content that was displayed on all platforms on the main stage.

The Outcome

Whilst we know our client trusted us to deliver this event we needed to ensure that all parts of pre production, live and post event deliverables matched expectations. This happened and the event delivered as planned, on time resulting in our appointment to deliver the 2020 event.

Feedback from the client advised “what we like about Showcase AVi is the team and support given to the event. They ensure your outcome is the vision you want – listen to what you want and how to do it best”