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About the event

A three day virtual event run by Retail Trust, championing the health of people in retail, which is now available to watch on demand. Representatives from over 200 leading companies in the UK participated and enjoyed content from industry leaders and experts. Delegates included everyone from chief executives through to store managers, customer service. This event built on the client’s #forthefour campaign, which shines a spotlight on their mission to provide support for every individual whenever they need it, as such this event was free of charge.


Showcase was commissioned to create film and video content for the two day event, including filming all speakers using their green screen technology and deliver the event through a bespoke online event platform.


Showcase’s online technology was the perfect solution to the client’s brief, due to its ability to be tailored to each client’s exact requirements. Its multi-facetted quality was another huge bonus, as it can replicate all the aspects of a live event including:

  • Pre-launch marketing, registration, sponsorship, live stage, exhibitors and visitor tracking & analytics.
  • 2 x days green screen studio recording content of presenters on stage and remote. We also deployed remote green screen kits for presenters not able to come to the studio.
  • Editing of content into 3D animated stage set, resulting in 11 sessions.
  • Custom Lower 1/3 and bumper animations.
  • Live stream of all content over three days. Sessions were split up with adverts from sponsors and information videos about retailTRUST.
  • Website with delegate login and user tracking. The site featured a main page, live stream player and agenda which then became the on demand page post event. This content was available immediately after the event. The online platform also hosted a speakers page, six sponsor pages with parent page, links to clients existing site for donations and further information about retailTRUST.


Showcase delivered all technical production to their usual high standards, coordinating the film and production seamlessly. The event was managed and run from Showcase’s live studio and safe rooms at St. Ermin’s Hotel, these provided the client with the safety and professionalism demanded by current restrictions.

Showcase customised their event platform to build a bespoke online event venue that reflected the client’s brand and messaging.


The feedback has been nothing but positive. The client was reassured that the all health and safety procedures had been adhered to. They were particularly impressed by the live studio and the online platform’s technology to mirror the content and atmosphere of a live event.