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3D visualisation for event design

“I thought the stage set was going to blue” or ” I had no idea that the stage was going to be that high”. Sounds familiar when onsite?

Whether you are the event creator or the event organiser, hearing or voicing such comments is uncomfortable and more importantly a waste of time and money. That’s why we put so much time and effort into creating top quality renders. From artist drawings to computer-aided designs, renderings enable us to communicate our ideas clearly and precisely at a very early stage of the design process.

3D rendering

From the offset our clients can visualise their event with realistic images, which in turn helps to smooth the process, flag up any questions at the beginning of the process, so allowing for cost-effective adjustments and solutions before the actual event is developed, allowing the client to see the space and event design in a realistic representation.

A phrase we often hear is: “I’ll know when I see it if I am going to like it.” Most event professionals are not trained designers so it’s unfair to expect them to visualise words – that’s where 2D and 3D visuals play another important role.

Client design meetings enable us to tap into our clients’ needs and wants, which our creative design team using CAD and visual rendering software bring to life. The entire design process becomes far more efficient as there are fewer changes, as everyone knows what they are doing and expecting from the get-go.

Another benefit of a good rendering and floor planning, particularly in events, is their ability to help plan audience flow and space. A good event is not just about how it looks but the entire experience for all those who attend.

Renders should not be seen as mere drawings but essential event creation tools that save time & money and ensure that the end result is a living representation of the initial brief and hopefully a little bit more.

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