Retail Week Live is a global retail festival that connects, inspires and challenges the retail ecosystem to create efficient and purposeful businesses to succeed in an ever-changing world. It is where business gets done and cross-industry collaboration begins.


To increase engagement based on the success of 2019 where Showcase delivered all disciplines and elements for the event.

The spaces, the stages and feature areas had already been designed and created for 2020 at Intercon O2. However with the pandemic hitting the UK in March 2020, two days before the installation date the UK government shut the country down, meaning the event was postponed. There were then two further attempts over the following 18 month period of reigniting the event at Intercon O2, eventually the event had to be pushed back to October 2021. This resulted in a change of venue to Magazine London. This new venue meant Showcase had to re-map and design what had already been built for the 2020 event and ensure it would fit in the new space.


Showcase designed all exhibition stands and was the sole stand builder for the event. They managed all the key sponsor feature builds, power distribution for the entire event, furniture for all lounges, including the exhibition lounge, delegate seating for entire event and one main stage with a 18m wide LED screen.

They were also responsible for four feature stages running on silent headset system with four unique channels. Showcase was tasked with content recording for all stages and live uploads to clients content team for editing.

They printed all the event and directional signage.


Two-day install, two days on site for the show, eight hour dismantle. 64 crew install, 25 for live days & 65 for dismantle.

“To come out of a pandemic and for Showcase to have delivered what what they delivered is just truly incredible! Their service level is above what anyone could ask for. The decision making skills and visions the team have is mind blowing, you impress everyone you work with. Our events would not be the same without you and your team, you all help us with anything and everything and again it’s so much appreciated! I can’t even imagine what our event would be like without Showcase”

Project Service

Creative Design
Visual Rendering
Space planning
Digital signage
Full Event Production management
Set & Scenic
Bespoke manufacturing
Plants & dressing
Print (directional & large format)
Logistics management

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