This second studio mirrors the services offered at St. Ermin’s Hotel, these include event streaming for fully virtual and hybrid events using a combination of film and green screen technology.

Bankside Hotel, a creative hub on the South Bank provides an inspiring destination for any meeting or event, with eclectic artworks and handpicked furniture in every room and public space. In times when event planners and organisers have been restricted to backdrops of bookshelves and home offices, Bankside provides a welcome and inspirational alternative.

Showcase has created a green screen studio at Bankside as well as converting the hotel’s inspiring White Box space into a Hybrid Event venue, featuring a 7m x 2m curved 2.6mm pitch SMD LED screen with 82” relay screens.

Within Bankside live studio you will have the benefits of the following:

  • Dedicated studio set up for live or prerecorded environment boasting 7m wide green screen backdrop, with 2 camera broadcast.
  • 7m x 2m curved 2.6mm pitch SMD LED screen with 82” relay screens for impressive Hybrid Events.
  • Safe room for event organisers to manage any guest speakers/presenters.
  • Presenter safe room.
  • Live event permanent technical production set up for clients who wish to hold small live event sessions – this can be linked to the streaming
  • Special low fee rates for clients to use the Bankside facilities and Showcase Live Streaming technical sets.
  • Food & drink packages
  • Accommodation packages

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