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We all know the phrase fail to plan, plan to fail; well however smug it might sound, we can’t help but agree. Whatever your event, be it conference, exhibition, gala dinner, awards ceremony or virtual seminar, if both parties get round the table and start conversations sooner rather than later, then you the client benefits. It’s not just the lack of last-minute decisions, it actually saves you money and can help the planet.

For a more in-depth look into the benefits of planning in advance read our article on helping you to be event ready

Plan on a great Christmas

It’s only three months away
We know, summer is only just over, but it’s not long until the start of the festive party season. Last minute Christmas shopping is one thing, but last minute Christmas event planning takes it to another level. Get ahead of the game and the venue you really want will probably be available, as will the caterer, the entertainment and of course Showcase. We will have more time to create a truly memorable event with all the creative touches we are known for, all delivered at a value for money price, rather than add-ons, necessitated by a lack of time and availability.

So make your New Year’s resolution early this year and start your Christmas ‘to do’ list today.

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Our future plans

What’s coming up
Don’t judge, but our work diaries are looking rather full. We’ve got a couple of events coming up that we’ve previously created, always a real boost. They are Drag Con at ExCeL in January 2023, The DPP’s Leaders’ Briefing at 155 Bishopsgate in November 2022 and Bettshow Asia at The Athenee Hotel, Bangkok from our long standing client Hyve Group. The other upcoming event is new business: and the hybrid AGM for InvestIndustrial at the Mandarin Oriental.

However, thanks to our extended team, we are still ready and waiting to help you create your next event.

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There’s only 1 PLANet

What we’re doing to help
Sometimes it’s more effective to join forces rather than try and do it all alone. That’s why when it came to planning our approach to sustainability we joined forces with CleanHub and ecolobrium, both are committed in their own way to helping the event industry to become more sustainable.

See how we’re working together

Our game plan

How we insured this event was a success

Earlier this year we headed down to the O2 Intercontinental, where Insurtech asked us to design and built a high impact environment to represent their brand and deliver a high level of ambience and audience engagement.

We needed to hit the ground running on this event, so we drew on all our experience and expertise to turn this project around in the allotted time, without compromising our creative and technical input.

Read what we created

Backup plan

Why virtual events could be the answer
One very effective way of creating a great event if time and budget are a bit tight is to go virtual. They became popular in 2020 for obvious reasons and a number of our clients have not given up on them as they realise that they have a number of benefits that you just don’t get with a live event.

We’ve created this handy guide that helps explain what virtual events can do for you and what we at Showcase can do for your virtual event.

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