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Venue: ICC Birmingham
Event name: ISBA Conference
Type: Conference and Awards dinner

About the event:

ISBA’s popular annual conference brought together many of the independent education sector’s leading experts offering topical updates for schools plus networking opportunities and an exhibition of over 170 professional advisers and companies dedicated to providing high quality services to the education sector.


Showcase has been working with the ISBA for six years, once again they were briefed to manage, consult and support the ISBA 2022 Conference. Showcase was asked to provide operational support to the working along side the venue sound and lighting engineers.


Showcase worked alongside the client’s speaker content team to manage all content on the main speaker room screen. They oversaw and managed the main auditorium, provided live camera feeds and video recording of the sessions to be edited post event. Showcase provided and consulted for the client to ensure the event was a success from an audio visuals perspective – providing a dedicated project manager and technical team for the auditorium. The Gala dinner saw the 500 strong delegate enjoying a three-course meal, with the guest after dinner speaker relayed to the larger in-house projection screen by using Showcase’s audio system the speaker was able to be heard clearly.


Numerous planning meetings were arranged between venue and client to ensure all technical aspects were delivered. A dedicated Project Manager was appointed to oversee the whole event and manage the commercial aspects on behalf of the client by working closely with the Head of Content and Conference Programming.

The three-day event involved a one-day install, and six-hours derig.

Showcase provided a dedicated digital project manager, vision mixer, graphic engineer, audio technician and camera operator for the main space. Graphics engineer and camera operator for the awards dinner and a post event video editor.

Project Service Summary:

  • Additional audio equipment to supplement the venues pre-existing equipment
  • Main room camera relay screens, located at the reception and the catering area
  • Content editing
  • Digital background layer creation
  • Project Management
  • Consultancy
  • Filming
  • Post Editing


The event was deemed a success and ran extremely smoothly due to great planning with venue and Showcase ensuring the client was in the loop and updated as required in regular meetings.

Hi All

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the team’s hard work, support and patience this week, I really appreciate it! We’ve had fantastic feedback and couldn’t have made the conference a success without all your amazing magic behind the scenes, so hats off to all of you! 

Looking forward to working with you again next year”

Helen Wood, Head of Learning & Development