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The ISBA’s popular annual conference brings together many of the independent education sector’s leading experts, offering topical updates for schools plus networking opportunities and an exhibition of more than 150 professional advisers and companies dedicated to providing high quality services to the education sector.
Held over two days, at Manchester Central Convention, the event welcomes over 500 bursars and senior management staff from independent schools every year. As the administrative managers of schools they are the key decision-makers in sourcing their school’s services and supplies.


The brief for ISBA Annual conference 2019 was to replicate the annual conference in Brighton that we designed and supplied for ISBA in 2018. Additionally we were requested to provide a digital backdrop solution for the auditorium, as well as a cost effective branded background solution for the breakout spaces, in order to enhance the ISBA brand and modernise the general feel of event and company.


Main Auditorium – Showcase provided 3.9mm pitch LED panels, which were used to form a 10m x 2.5m LED screen in the main auditorium as a digital backdrop. On this LED screen we were able to make use of picture in picture (PiP) technology, whereby we were able to display multiple camera feeds and/or presentation slides on stage left and right of the screen, along with providing the capability to display and remove sponsor logos as required between sessions.

All digital background layers were designed by Showcase – to replicate the modern feel and consistency we adapted the designs used in the breakout spaces to build an effective digital background.

The audio solution provided meant that the 700+ capacity seating arrangement was comprehensively covered evenly by the speakers provided, to enable impactful presentation audio and speeches.

Breakouts – In order to provide a cost effective branding background solution for the breakout rooms, Showcase designed and built the backdrops from wooden set elements, which were then wrapped in a high quality printed graphic. The prints for the backdrops were formed in-house by the Showcase Avi design team to ensure the brief to modernise the general feel of the event was met. The room was then lit by uplighting solutions to add colour and energy to the venue and set. All of the breakout rooms made use of projection technology to ensure the solution was cost efficient but effective.


The production was fully designed, created and managed by the team in the UK and delivered to Ireland. Pre planning meetings and story boards were created for the content to be displayed on all platforms to all stages.

The event was installed within 1.5 working days by a team of 20 Showcase AVi members, a number of this team were also on site for the 2 day conference. The event was then dismantled and removed within 4 hours.

The Outcome

Showcase’s relationship with ISBA has only strengthened across this event, due to the comprehensive support from budget management through to seamless delivery on site. The feedback has been very positive across the whole event. The event is to move venue in 2020, where Showcase AVi will be working closely with ISBA to continue to provide their services and support throughout the event.