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The landscape of the events industry has changed over the past 19 months and, as always, Showcase’s vision and ability has grown and strengthened to reflect these changes. Whilst the format of an event may have moved from stage to screen, and then a mix of screen and stage, Showcase’s core values and vision remain true – to create the most engaging event experience and environment.

During this time Showcase worked with their clients to support their ever-changing needs and requirements and no more so than with Hyve. It is down to the way Showcase impressed Hyve with their digital event expertise that led them to be asked to design and build Hyve’s inaugural live stream studio at their London head offices.

Hyve has expanded their digital event portfolio and they realised that having their own studio would be more efficient, flexible and cost effective. So, they approached Showcase. Ben Collings, Showcase Founder & MD comments: “It is a huge compliment to be asked to create and deliver this studio, they could have gone to a number of organisations but Hyve chose us. We obviously have cemented and demonstrated our knowledge and understanding in this digital sector but being their live events’ provider for a number of years obviously gave Hyve the reassurance in the digital arena”

The two parties worked together throughout this project, to plan and transform the existing office space into a ‘ready to go live’ production studio. Showcase created 3D renderings and full technical plans to allow the client to visualise, and sign off, before building the studio. They also worked together on the specification and procurement of new and installed equipment.

Hyve`s Group Head of Video and New Media, Ryan Hopkins, comments: “It was a long and collaborative process, but with Showcase’s help and expertise, we’ve been able to create a versatile space where we’ll be able to produce a wide range of high quality content. This flexibility, paired with the cutting-edge tech running behind the scenes, has made it so we’re really only limited by what we can imagine.”

The studio is now a multi-purpose space with the ability to change to the multiple brands that sit under Hyve Group PLC. Showcase has ensured that the studio is equipped with the professional backdrop that is necessary for the live stream recordings. They have also employed their space designing skills, as Hyve wanted the studio to accommodate a panel up to eight and also have space for up to 30 people.

Technically, Showcase has provided the correct infrastructure to allow remote connections to all other offices around the world. This studio, with its state-of-the-art PTZ cameras and a dedicated server storage, will become the hub of Hyve’s omnichannel evolution, as well as being the host studio for HyveTV, their own internal TV show for celebrating success and sharing updates from around the global company. The server has full secure remote access allowing the team to access it from anywhere.

As well as the creation of the physical studio, every detail of the technical event delivery was also considered and factored into the design and build.