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The Chartered Institute of Housing’s Annual Event and Europe’s Largest Housing Festival. 400 speakers, 400 key exhibitors, 10 streams, a footfall of over 12,000 delegates across three days – CIH Housing is the biggest meeting place for the whole housing sector held in Manchester


As part of the ongoing relationship with Ocean Media Group we once again built and managed the production elements of the conference, exhibition, feature theatre spaces and awards ceremony.

The Main Auditorium, was set for 1200 delegates and hosted the Minister of Housing, the Secretary of State and the Prime Minister.

Four conference breakout spaces were designed and built with audio visual solutions for between 70 and 400 delegates. The breakout spaces were almost the same size as the main auditorium conference spaces. In the exhibition space, we designed and built two small theatre spaces for 80 delegates and a 500+SQM feature area.

The Housing Hero awards ceremony was held on Monday night which was set for 1400 attendees.


Auditorium 1200 delegates:

A TV studio feel was designed based on previous feedback, inclusive of a designated entrance and exit for presenters and CNC cut backlit logos. A modern curved acrylic lectern was chosen to complete the feel of this prominent stage set whilst soft seating areas using a glass coffee table and sofas were chosen for the fireside chat section of the event programme. Presenters entered and exited under the 30SQM edge blended projection surface. The brand guidelines for 2019 were very strong and bold which were utilised during the production of the background layers and the opening sting video played across the whole projection surface.

The Prime Minister’s confirmation to attend the event was received late due to security and we provided a streaming solution onsite to stream her speech to three areas within the conference and exhibition.

Breakout Rooms and Exhibition:

As well as the main auditorium we provided audio visual solutions and set designs for 4 conference rooms which hosted 200-400 delegates. The largest of the conference rooms was set for 400 delegates and was designed to replicate the main auditorium, with a white set with similar backlit LED letters and modern sleek furniture on a stage and dual HD projection screens. The smaller of the conference rooms included 30sqm of seamless printed sets with HD mounted LED screens. All conference rooms included bespoke audio visual equipment.

Two Conference theatres were built within the exhibition floor which included low walling, 50SQM of print, audio visual solution and technical support.

A feature build area comprising of a 500+SQM build for Tech @ Housing, which included a curved 3mm LED screen, 200m of truss, silent headset stage and multiple audio solutions and demo areas.

British Telecom again sponsored a networking café and we provided a print wall solution, bespoke furniture and power solution to the café area.

The Fringe Stage, was themed as an alternative street party and was designed and built to include the theme. The stage was built, with picket fencing and grass ‘carpet’ along with rattan furniture sofas to complete.

Exhibition support was provided by Showcase AVi and a dedicated team was assigned to exhibition orders and managing requests onsite.

Awards Ceremony:

To kick off the event an award ceremony was held ahead of the first conference live day. The Housing Hero award celebrates the best in housing personal.

The awards included a 125SQM starcloth dual 16:9 ratio screens were hung from truss to allow opening video stings, camera and awards slide show content to be shown. Dual 20K HD Ansi Lumen projections along with media servers were used to playback all video content, HD cameras were utilised for both live relay and recording.

The audio system was designed to provide a powerful impact and high energy level but work within the venues audio constraints. With the use of creative lighting we were able to create different mood and atmospheres within the event space.


The event was installed over two days and removed in one evening immediately after the show.

The production was fully designed, created and managed by the team in the UK. Pre planning meetings and story boards were created for the content to be displayed on all platforms on main stage.

Key Features of the Event

  • 300SQM of Print and Walling
  • AV Solutions for 12 Areas
  • Graphic Print
  • Theatre Build with CNC + LED Lighting
  • Digital Content
  • Event Signage
  • Exhibition Build
  • Exhibition AV
  • Conference & Awards Events Running Simultaneously
  • 80 Staff
  • 3 Project Managers
  • 4 Artic Trucks
  • 560 Man Hours on site

The Outcome

As a long standing relationship with the client and event along with the Prime Minister, Secretary of State & Members of Parliaments present at the event, we knew expectations were high around the high pressured environment. The event was a huge success and was complimented with feedback saying;

“This was the best Housing event delivered to date!”