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Culture Crawl is a fundraising event for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, a network of drop-in centres across the UK which support cancer patients and their families.

The Culture Crawl is a part 15 mile night-walk, part cultural adventure. From the Foreign Office, to Fulham Palace by way of the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, the walkers enjoyed exclusive access to all these buildings and many others and encountered talented performers and enjoyed delicious food and drink along the way.


The Events Manager for Maggie`s Centres contacted Showcase AVi after a recommendation from one of their previous clients.

The Event Manager was new to the organisation and needed a supplier that they could rely on to be left to manage the technical direction and installation of their lighting requirements as the venues were remote on a multi-location that was spread from west to east London, throughout the night.

“The event manager was new to the organisation
and needed a supplier they could rely on”


We supplied IP rated external lighting effects which included:

  • LED wireless up lighting;
  • A 2m helium LED light balloon acting as a false moon at one of the venues;
  • Fan inflated multi shaped lighting covers;
  • And architectural coloured wash lighting.


We liaised with the client about all venue locations and logistics. One central contact at Showcase managed all internal procedures and then distributed these between each location on the day of the event.

Unfortunately the installation start time was delayed due to the venue’s previous event running over however we were still able to meet the install deadline and the event started on time with all lighting in place.

Each location had a dedicated engineer to manage the technical and health and safety of the public moving around the lighting.