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About the event

A live stream debate involving 12 world class boxers, the topic being the Greatest Championship fights of all time. The event was a celebration of the partnership between the World Boxing Council and publisher Opus World, who together have created a limited edition large format photographic luxury book to celebrate the 100 Greatest Championship fights of all time.


Showcase was tasked with facilitating the multi-track video recording of the 12 Championship Boxers, including Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury and Sugar Ray Leonard, all of whom were in different locations and so were dialled in remotely. Two hosts were filmed on-site against a branded backdrop.


The event hosted through Zoom was filmed and steamed from their live studios at St. Ermin’s Hotel in London. From this COVID-compliant live studio, the hosts were filmed using a two camera live shoot set against a 5m x 2m backdrop and studio lighting screens. Showcase’s furniture collection was used to seat the hosts.


The streaming and the delivery of the virtual debate was seamless thanks to the talented production team who despite the challenges arising from dial-in speakers’ differing internet speeds and timings were able to reactively edit the production.

The event organisers were incredibly pleased with the event and as such have requested further commissions.