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Venue: BlueFort Offices
Event name: BlueFort Live Q1 Labs
Type: Virtual event

About the event:

The first of four virtual and interactive events for and about UK CISOs.


After the success of the first BlueFort Security Live event in November 2021, the client decided to develop the platform as they wanted to increase the number of live events to one each quarter. In response, BlueFort Labs was born for Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4.


The solution in essence was to stream from the client’s offices and repurpose the ‘bespoke’ streaming platform from last year’s event.

After a site visit and internet speed test it was determined that the client’s offices were suitable. The backdrop of the event was a 6m x 2.5m which will be reused across all four events, Showcase designed and installed a temporary studio in the client’s office. This studio included: lighting, video cameras, audio equipment and Showcase’s production streaming studio.

The event was streamed via the BlueFort Live platform, which had been created by Showcase, developed from their Event@ platform. The online platform had been tailored to host all upcoming events, as well as acting as an archive for the previous events. The benefits of having an ‘on-demand’ archive offers increased ROI for sponsors, with sessions being re-watched throughout the year. For this year’s programme of events Bluefort also commissioned Showcase’s EVENTalytics, an event analytics software package created by Showcase, to provide invaluable insights into attendance. This tool, that works in conjunction with the streaming platform is invaluable to measuring and reporting sponsorship ROI.

During the event, questions from the virtual audience were sent in live via Slido from the platform, then onto the studio comfort monitor and presenter iPad. Presenters who could not make it to the in-person studio dialled in from America to present and take part in the live Q&A sessions.

Showcase will continue to maintain, update the platform every quarter.


The 75-minute live event took one day to install and three hours to derig. The crew consisted of a dedicated digital project manager, stream technician, graphic engineer, audio technician and camera operator.

Project Service Summary:

  • Content creation
  • Lower third / animation
  • Print
  • Backdrop design
  • Project management
  • Consultancy
  • Filming
  • Live stream
  • Onsite studio
  • Platform