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About the event

Autumn Fair is the unmissable gift & home show for the retail industry.
Glee, is the UK’s leading garden and outdoor living trade show, presenting the most exciting brands, innovative products and inspiring garden retail insights.


To provide a sustainable and reusable main stage design for both shows. They had to capture the essence of the shows and display product. Also provide audio visual solutions where adverts, show information, presentations and videos could be displayed complete with lighting, audio and live streaming and on-demand editing solution. It was important for the solution to respond to both the live and hybrid elements of the exhibitions.


Showcase’s design team met with the clients and in response provided detailed CAD plans and visuals. The solution was a multi-use stage, backdrop 2.6mm LED screen and live camera feeds to a third party platform as well as capturing the audio and video content. 
On-site video editing allowed quick turnaround of sessional videos that were streamed and made available for on-demand. Piece-to-camera sections were captured for use in PR related messaging. All audio was controlled by a digital console which fed both the live in-person audio and the streaming elements. The streaming equipment was managed back stage, this included their 4K cameras which displayed crystal clear imagery. Showcase project managed the entire hybrid element.


These projects needed a very quick turnaround, with a short five-day window from signing contract to event delivery.

Autumn Fair
This event involved: two-day build onsite (set / stage build: day one, technical install and rehearsals: day two) and then the four days of the event itself and finally a four-hour derig. To minimise costs and carbon footprint a decision was taken to store equipment and the set / stage elements onsite ahead of Glee installation.

This involved: two-day build onsite, which involved set and stage build on day one, then technical instal and rehearsals on day two. Showcase were present on-site for the two- day live event and then the four-hour derig.

These events were considered a great success with them being the some of the largest in-person events at NEC since the pandemic. The Autumn Fair also recorded some of the best live stream audiences, circa 1100,  for the hybrid element.