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An event isn’t an event without an audience, be it visitors in-person to an exhibition or an online audience taking part in a virtual conference; therefore it’s important to treat them with respect. Ways of achieving this include: choosing the right venue, keeping them engaged with amazing content and making sure that they’re entertained. From an organisers viewpoint, knowing who you’re audience are is very important, that’s why we’ve created EVENTalytics.

A wide audience.

Go hybrid
Question, when can you have your cake and eat it? Answer, at a hybrid event. We recently created one for Investindustrial at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The event attracted an online and in-person audience for a dinner and investors meeting. What’s important though is to make the virtual audience feel just as involved as the physical. Luckily we’ve got the know-how, thanks to our 20-year experience.

Read how we did it at Investindustrial

Right for the audience

Choose the correct venue
Location, location, location… the same can be said for events. Picking the right home for your event should be at the top of your ‘to-do’ list. Size, facilities, and accessibility are important of course, but then so is atmosphere, decor, and service level. These need to resonate with the audience, if they don’t, the fit will be uncomfortable.

Recently Investindustrial took place at the London Mandarin Hyde Park in central London. The audience was a group of successful high net worth individuals, so the venue had to reflect both the event’s brand and the visitors’ expectations. The Mandarin is set in a well-known glamorous part of the capital, whilst its exquisite decor and timeless service ensured that the moment a delegate walked through the hotel’s front doors, they felt at home.

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Entertaining the audience

Combining two events
Conference and awards or brand launch followed by dinner, sometimes one event is just not enough. When we get asked to create a combination of events on the same day and in the same venue, we know that timings and logistics are going to be at the forefront. The key to making the day run seamlessly is planning and creating an event that can easily swap from one to the other. Our experience has taught us that sound, lighting and staging do not need to be compromised, with the right approach the mood and atmosphere of a venue can move from business to pleasure with ease. We did this recently at Investindustrial, read how the event transitioned from to dinner to meeting and thanks to our skill, there were no awkward gaps.

View InvestIndustrials annual meeting

Engaging the audience

Top quality content
The way information is displayed is a vital ingredient in helping engage an audience, it can not only help the viewer absorb the information and its key messages, it can make it more memorable if presented in an exciting and stimulating manner. One of the most effective methods of creating unforgettable content is ensuring it’s on brand; the right colours, typefaces, image and message styles are just some of the elements Showcase focus on to achieve this important event goal. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it could be animating your corporate logo over a static version, a highly effective route in making sure your event is on brand from the kick-off. Showcase’s approach aims to add drama, excitement, engagement and most importantly a clear communication of your event’s message.

Showcase has a dedicated content creation team with individual specialists & experts who offer a comprehensive set of skills, examples include:

  • Videography, both filming for streaming and content.
  • Corporate & product launch videos
  • Event highlights, let Showcase capture your event and then provide promotional materials that can be used for future marketing
  • Piece to camera video, Showcase’s talented team is adept at filming speakers & presenters, subsequently streaming the finished piece at your event.
  • Creating and animating flythrough videos
  • Designing 3D visuals that bring event spaces to life
  • Creating slide deck backgrounds, which they then populate with engaging content to be displayed on event screens
  • Creating opening animations & video loops, one of the most effective ways to raise the bar at an event

Showcase is equally at home creating exciting content for both in-person and digital events and they do this by working with you, listening to you and then employing their creative and technical skills to produce results that give your event a real wow factor.

Showcase ensures that the content not only fits your brand but works seamlessly with the overall event concept. Whether it’s a full presentation PDF, a background video, key announcements, our designers consider the entire visual and audio package, so creating a seamless end-result. Add to this the fact that the team is in-house, with Showcase you get a group of talented people who are on-board from day one, giving you a memorable creative experience that doesn’t just answer your brief but surpasses it.

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Audience breakdown

EVENTalytics lets you know
One of the main benefits of virtual and hybrid is that with the correct software you can truly understand your audience. Who they were, where they watched from, what they do, what they engaged in and for how long; this sort of information is lapped up by organisers and stakeholders. The good news is that EVENTalytics, our bespoke event software, gives you all of this and it’s all displayed in easy to read data.

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Audience support

You’ll need a great team
Great events don’t just happen, they take imagination, technical skill and great organisation and logistics. Showcase has a team of people who excel in a wide range of such disciplines including audio-visual technicians, digital engineers or project managers. What unites this group of talented individuals is that they are all brilliant team players, either with our clients’ own suppliers or maybe the venue’s team. See our team as an extension of your team and you’ve got a good idea of how we work.

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